Thursday, May 31, 2012

June: Reality is Broken

Join us as we read Reality is Broken by Jane McGonigal and you may just become a better person for it. At the very least, you could level up!

Check back for photo challenges, unlockable achievements, opportunities to level up, and friending galore.

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Photo Challenge 1.

“Meet Your Bookclub”
Directions: Grab a copy of Reality is Broken by Jane McGonigal, our Level Up Book Club June selection, and share a picture of you with book/device in hand.
Go to our Tumblr and click "submit". Be sure to tell us a little about yourself.
Reward: +1 Level Up
Gamer and Busy Librarian Matthew Winner

Wanna Be Gamer and Library Girl  Jennifer LaGarde

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Welcome to the Level Up Book Club, a home turf for open discussions on the gamification of schools and school-based instruction. Join us by reading the current monthly selection and participating in posts and challenges.

Leveling up is a strong possibility.

Stats boosting is guaranteed.

- Matthew & Jennifer