Monday, February 18, 2013

Resource Luminary Badge.

Level Up is going into CO-OP mode, turning over a new leaf and trying something a little different. We're taking things at a more relaxed pace so that we can concentrate on all the great things going on in our schools.

We're swapping reading novels for articles.

We're trading our leader board for badges.

We're offering new opportunities for leadership and idea swapping.

And to start, we're turning our focus onto one of the things Level Up Book Club members do best: sharing gamification and game-based learning resources.

Task 1.

REWARD: Resource Luminary Badge

These gamification badges by Jonathan Patterson
are pretty amazing!
Directions: Share helpful resources and articles with other Level Up members on Twitter via the #levelupbc hashtag. Many of us are doing this already. We'll be curating those great resources you link through our Level Up Tumblr.

Reward: We're taking down the Leader Board for the time being and will replace it with a Wall of Fame. And on that Wall of Fame? Why, YOU, of course! You earn the badge, we'll immortalize your name on our Wall of Fame.

*We would have offered to immortalize you in carbonite, but our carbonite pool is under maintenance for the time being. Maybe next time.

Deadline: 11:59pm Sunday, February 24. Share the most (or best) resources via the #levelupbc, and you could be awarded are awesome one-of-a-kind badge!

Also, we're looking for Level Up readers interested in Co-Oping for future posts and challenges. Want to play? Read more here or complete the survey below.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

CO-OP mode.

Welcome to a new age of Level Up.

Since its inception in May of 2012 the Level Up Book Club has continued to reinvent itself to reflect the interests of its members and the nature of its reads. Challenges, chats, book studies, and resource curation have been at the heart of our work, but we now find ourselves in a position to try something new.

For the remainder of the school year, Level Up is launching into Co-Op mode. Co-Op (or co-operative) gameplay involves two or more players tackling a common obstacle together. Much like in good collaboration, playing co-op allows the players to experience the game in a new way and achieve goals difficult or impossible in a single player mode. Co-op allows for more strategy, better use of resources, and a more unified gaming experience. In Level Up, we see co-op as an opportunity for guild members to craft their own unique levelupbc experiences for others to enjoy.

This means that we're taking a break from reading books in order to provide relevant, engaging, and fun LevelUpBC experiences that are not as time-restrictive as our previous endeavors. It also means you can be a part of the future of Level Up!

Co-Op Mission Essential Knowledge:

By signing up for a co-op mission below, you are agreeing to work in collaboration with Matthew and/or Jennifer to create two (2) challenges for your selected month. These challenges may include:

  • Asking LevelUpBC members to retrieve and share resources on a given topic.
  • Creating a game or activity based on game-based learning, gamification, or other previously discussed topics of the LevelUpBC.
  • Moderating an online discussion on a selected essay or article related to gaming in education.
  • Doing something not previously conceived and yet totally awesome and memorable for LevelUpBC.
You'll also unlock super rare items, gain insane experience points, and will earn the respect and admiration of other Level Up guild members. Either that, or it will just be a whole lot of fun.

Sign up for a Co-Op mission using the form below. 

And welcome to a new age of Level Up.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Let's Chat: Extra Lives.

For most of us in the teaching world, February means parent-teacher conferences, quarter 2 report cards, and the halfway mark for the school year.

Exhausted yet?

We hope you've enjoyed our chillaxed approach for our final book selection of Season 2 of the Level Up Book Club. We're wrapping things up this Friday via a Twitter chat and would love for you to join.

Twitter chat this Friday, February 8th at 7-8pm EST.

On the agenda:

  • Highlights of Tom Bissell's Extra Lives: Why Video Games Matter
  • Unveiling of the new Level Up Book Club Co-Op Mode
  • Crowdsourced feedback: What does the Level Up BC mean to you?
  • Geeking out over cool, new video games on consoles and iOs/Android
Join in to learn more about Level Up, reconnect with other guild members, or just to unwind after a long week. No need to read Extra Lives to feel included.

See you soon!