Sunday, September 30, 2012

S2: Task 2: Kapp Quotes

You've introduced yourself to your fellow #LevelUpBC members. You've had a chance to pick up a copy of Karl M. Kapp's The Gamification of Learning and Instruction. You've probably even had a chance to crack the cover (or the eSpine?). Let's dig into the text.

Task 2:

TEXT CHALLENGE:  “Kapp Quotes”

Matthew's future gamer rock star.
Directions: Share quotes that interested, intrigued, or otherwise spoke to you via this post's comment thread or on Twitter using #levelupbc. The more you share, the more we connect. The more we connect, the more we WIN.                                                                                                              
Reward:  Since Twitter is our primary discussion space for #levelupbc, and since we'll be drawing an awful lot of attention to Kapp's excellent resource, the reward for this challenge will be One Week of Rock Star Treatment. That's right! For one whole week Jennifer and Matthew will tweet boastful, flattering, enthusiastic, mostly-true tweets about YOU which will inevitably cause the Twitterverse to swell with jealousy, your followers to shoot through the roof, and your social media cred to reach limitless heights. ...Or, at the very least, it could just make you feel really really good about yourself. 

Deadline: 11:59pm Friday, October 12th. Your name will be added to a drawing for each quote you share via the comment thread and/or Twitter. PLUS, we'll award one level up for each quote you share! Lots of chances to win, but you'll have to be an active member of the game and, therefore the discussion. As always, there will be plenty of other opportunities to share later and tons more challenges and opportunities to level up, so if you miss this deadline, don't despair! Find your highlighted, penned, and dog-eared quotes and share away!

Happy reading, sharing, and winning!

Friday, September 21, 2012

S2: Task 1: Meet Your Bookclub

Welcome (and welcome back) to the Level Up Book Club, the book club gamified! Last season was full of crazy challenges, interesting reads, and dozens of opportunities to network and let loose. This season we're upping the ante and challenging our readers in ways once thought diabolical. But for now, we'll start with something easy.

Task 1:

PHOTO CHALLENGE:  “Meet Your Bookclub”

Directions: Grab a copy of The Gamification of Learning and Instruction by Karl M. Kapp, our Level Up Book Club September selection, and share a picture of you with book/device in hand. Go to our Tumblr and click "submit" or post your pic to #LevelUpBC via Twitter. Be sure to tell us a little about yourself.

Reward:  Not only do you get the chance to meet everyone else who is going on this epic quest with you BUT one lucky #levelupbc member will win one of these smashing Level Up Book Club Badges AND an Amazon gift card to help with the purchase of our September read.

Deadline:  11:59pm Sunday, September 29th.  Don't worry, there will be tons more challenges and opportunities to level up, so if you miss this deadline, don't despair!  Snap a photo anyway and submit it to our  Tumblr  so we can bask in the glory of your awesomeness! 

I know!  Sweet! 

So... what are you waiting for??  Grab your book and your camera and get ready to level up! 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Season 2.

Welcome (back) to the Level Up Book Club, a home turf for open discussions on the gamification of schools and school-based instruction.

The Level Up Book Club is an open-invitation community of gaming and non-gaming educators alike who take part in weekly challenges, explore best instructional best practices through gaming, and level up through some friendly competition.

Jennifer and I will be your hosts, your cheering squad, and your competition for the next three months and we look forward to providing authentic learning experiences that are both fun and rewarding. Our reading list will include:

September/October - The Gamification of Learning and Instruction by Karl M. Kapp

October - Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

November - Extra Lives: Why Video Games Matter by Tom Bissel

To become a member of the Level Up Book Club, simply reply to this post with your name and Twitter handle, or tweet to #LevelUpBC with a message saying "I'm game for Season 2!"

Then pick up a copy of The Gamification of Learning and Instruction and prepare for some awesome challenges and inspiring reading.

And to all of our Level Up Book Club members from Season 1... Thanks for leveling up with us! We hope you'll return for another memorable season of gaming and learning together. If you're moving on to new things, then allow us to please say thanks for all of the great things you brought to the table over the past 3 months. You helped Level Up off to a very strong start!

Gamefully yours,

- Matthew & Jennifer

Sunday, September 16, 2012

And The Oscar Goes To...

Last week we challenged you to watch the videos created during the first ever #levelupbc Twitter Chat Film Festival!  The film maker whose on the fly production received the most votes was promised a most epic prize:  a 53' Inflatable Oscar!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Obviously, the competition was fierce, but the votes have been tallied and the Oscar goes to...

I demand a recount! :)

What can I say?  Thanks to everyone who voted for my video!  It was fun to make and I hope everyone enjoyed having the opportunity to think about how they would convince their "brotherhood" that game based learning equals effective pedagogy!

So... what happens next?  Stay tuned!  The next step in the Level Up Book Club journey is going to be AMAZING!  So grab your books and get ready to take your teaching to the next level! 

Friday, September 7, 2012

Task 12: You Like Me. You REALLY Like ME!

Holy super cinematic masterpieces, Batman!  If you missed last night's #levelupbc twitter chat, YOU MISSED OUT!  Instead of discussing our latest read in the traditional way, we spent the hour creating online movies in which we faced our own personal "brotherhood."

Yeah.  It was epic.

But that was only the beginning.

This week, as you get your hands on our next read, we're asking that you take a minute to watch what your colleagues created and cast your ballot for best picture.

It's simple.  Pop some popcorn, grab the beverage of your choice and then head over to our tumblr. OR you can view all of the videos below by scrolling past the survey. Once you've done your best impression of Roger Ebert, just cast your ballot in the form below.

But wait!  There's more!

The winner of this week's challenge - the director of the film that gets the most votes - gets....... THIS!


Someone is going home with a 53" inflatable Oscar y'all!

So... grab a copy of  Karl Kapp's book and settle in for the best independent film making this side of Sundance.   Voting ends Friday at 11:59pm EST.  We'll announce the winner on Saturday.

Good luck!


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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Task 11: Lights! Camera! Action!

During tonight's Twitter chat, we're going to do something a little different.  Instead of spending the hour chatting about our AWESOME August read, we're going to make movies. Yes, you heard me right!  Get ready, #levelupbc, this is gonna be EPIC.

Everything that happens in Darren Steele and Christine Chung's novella I'll Eat This Cricket for a Cricket Badge leads up to one crucial and potentially life altering event for Lara (our heroine):  a once in a life time, prove your worth meeting with "the brotherhood" - the really scary, all powerful, malevolent dictators of her company - where she must PROVE that gamification is research-based, that it motivates people AND that it can help save her company from disaster!

We all know what happens in the book, but what would happen if YOU had to deliver the same kind of knock 'em dead presentation to YOUR "brotherhood"?  Well, tonight, you get to find out!  

That's right, #levelupbc, tonight during our twitter chat, you've got ONE HOUR to create an online video that reenacts this epic scene from I'll Eat This Cricket for a Cricket Badge if it were to take place in YOUR school - where YOU are Lara and ________ (your principal, teacher leaders, parents, etc) are "the brotherhood."

Here are the rules:

1.  You can use the web2.0 tool of your choice, but here are some options:
2.  Use the Twitter Chat to talk trash, support one another, ask for help or share ideas, but just remember...

3.  A link to your video must be submitted to our tumblr or #LevelUpBC Twitter feedby 8:59pm EST in order to move forward in the competition.  (Yes, there WILL be a part TWO to this challenge!)  

4.  Be creative AND convincing!!  Remember, your educational life is on the line! How are you going to convince your own personal "brotherhood" that gamification is legitimate pedagogy, that is WORKS and that it can help you impact student learning???

So... what are you waiting for??  Time is running out!  Action!  

Sunday, September 2, 2012

August Twitter Chat.

#LevelUpBC Twitter Chat

Thursday, Sept. 6th (8pm EST)

Meet us on Twitter from 8-9pm EST this Thursday, September 4th for a chat you won't soon forget.

We'll talk about I'll Eat This Cricket for a Cricket Badge, our August read for Level Up Book Club. We'll exchange ideas for making meaningful change in your school and bringing games into your practice. We'll talk about plans for Level Up in the upcoming school year. And there's a super secret activity Jennifer has in store for all of us that will be epic.

"See you" this Thursday!