Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Video Thank You

Last week's crowdsourced gamification resource challenge pushed Level Up members to share those great game-based learning and gamification resources that we will all want to reference later. It also produced a Diigo group (Thanks, Katy Vance!) and a LiveBinder (Thanks, Jennifer LaGarde!). Our guild's curating strengths can rival that of any on WoW!

The #levelupbc reader with the most contributions was none other than Carli Spina! Carli's prize was a video thank you for all her hard work. I decided to go the gamer-route and customize a popular video game theme song to pay tribute to our dear pal, Carli.

No apologies here. The things we do for love of Level Up. Enjoy!

- Matthew

Carli won for Level Up
She had an epic win for our book club

Resources on game-based learn-
-ing… and of course on gamification

Jennifer put her links in our LiveBinder and
Everybody said, “hip, hooray”
Level Up is lucky to have you, Carli
…that’s no joke.

You shared 50 crowd-sourced resources and
Climbed your way up the leaderboard
Others gave some fierce competition, Carli
…and you won

By the end of the week we amassed
One hundred eighty-three
Game-based resources others can share
Way to go Level Up!


  1. Hahahaha! LOVE IT! Well done Carli and Matthew!

  2. I love this so much. #levelupbc rocks my socks. :)