Thursday, August 2, 2012

August: I'll Eat This Cricket...

Join us as we read I'll Eat This Cricket for a Cricket Badge by Steele & Chung and you just may find it the perfect resource for all of those colleagues who raise an eyebrow and ask gami-what-ification?

We hope this 80-page novella will not only give you a chance to mentally prepare for the upcoming school year, but also a tool that can be shared with others to help draw them into this new and exciting adventure we're all taking.

As usual, we'll have photo challenges, unlockable achievements, and plenty of opportunities to level up.

Keep the discussion going on Twitter using the #levelupbc hashtag and don't forget to add gamification and game-based learning resources to our Diigo page, dig deeper with our Live Binder, and continue the discussion while supporting others through our Wiki.

Game on!

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