Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pre-Season Line-Up.

We hope your school year, state assessments, midyear stretch, and otherwise good times are all going well. Jennifer and I had a chance to meet for the first time at the NCTIES conference in Raleigh, NC and boy were the wonder twin powers at full power! As a result, we've got a couple of really cool upcoming events with Level Up that we're excited to share with you including the kick-off to our next season. Stay tuned. This summer is going to be better than ever!
Jennifer and Matthew meet for the first time at NCTIES 2013.
Check Out Our Pre-Season Line-Up:


Less Book, More TALK: We're taking a break from the game-based learning literature and devouring data in more bite-sized portions. Watch for upcoming video posts and accompanying chats and challenges. Our aim is to share some great game-centered talks from leading experts and support each with opportunities to discuss and geek out with fellow Level Up members and the like.

Leveling Up with Heavy Hitters: With just a few short months of the school year remaining, we're committing time to connecting Level Up BC with the heavy hitters in the gamification and game-based learning world. Surrounding ourselves with experts will give us a ton of resources to pull from and a wealth of great knowledge to learn through. We'll track the individuals leading the way and look for how their work can improve our efforts in the classroom and school at large.

Co-Op Mode is Go!: Two Level Up members have stepped up for CO-OP mode, which means we'll have new creative talent influencing our challenges, discussions, and awesomeness.

Return to Reality is Broken in May: Headed to ISTE 2013 in San Antonio? You won't want to miss our Season 3 kick-off of the Level Up Book Club with ISTE opening keynote Jane McGonigal's Reality is Broken. It's the book that started Level Up, and it's one we're looking forward to returning to. Read it again or, better yet, invite a friend to read it for the first time. We're planning all new challenges, all new interactions, and all new EPIC wins. The good times return in May!

Until then, here's a little bite of awesomeness to whet your appetite. Please enjoy Reggie Watts with a TEDtalk that's both disorienting and intriguing.


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