Saturday, June 16, 2012

And the "That's What She Said" Winner is...

The second Level Up Book Club challenge is a wrap and my word did you all take this one to incredible heights!

We asked for you to consider those powerful words and ideas share by Jane McGonigal in Reality is Broken. Over 80 quotes posted and several Twitter discussions later, we have a most-frequent-quoter. Congratulations to Becca Oxley (@LibrariansFTW), who not only quoted Reality is Broken the most this past week, but also engaged Level Up Book Club members in ways to apply those powerful thoughts to library and classroom instruction. Becca Oxley wins an 8-bit style portrait of herself to do with as she pleases, boosting her gamer cred and her #levelupbc reputation.

Thanks to everyone who contributed quotes and shared thoughts on how we can apply what we're reading to everyday practice. We all achieved an #epicwin thanks to your dedication, interest, and enthusiasm! Also, thanks to Jennifer LaGarde for tracking and recording all of the quotes to our leader board!

Join us on Twitter at #levelupbc on Thursday, June 28th from 8-9pm EST for a tweet up and live chat discussion of Reality is Broken.

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