Saturday, June 9, 2012

Task 2: Powerful Words.

We've been together a week now and most of us are already off and reading by way of iPod, eReader, Playaway, or good ol' paperpack. Some are reading Reality is Broken for the first time, while others are enjoying returning to it for a second (or third!) time. Let's dig into the text.

Task 2:

TEXT CHALLENGE:  “...That's What She Said”

Directions: Share a quote that interested, intrigued, or otherwise spoke to you via this post's comment thread or on Twitter using #levelupbc.
The more you share, the more we connect. The more we connect, the more we WIN.                                                                                                                 

Reward:  Since Twitter will soon become our primary discussion space for #levelupbc, the reward for this challenge will be an 8-bit style portrait of the winner that can be used as a profile pic or to otherwise boost your gaming cred.

Deadline:  11:59pm Friday, June 15th.  Your name will be added to a drawing for each quote you share via the comment thread and/or Twitter. Lots of chances to win, but you'll have to be an active member of the game and, therefore the discussion. As always, there will be plenty of other opportunities to share later and tons more challenges and opportunities to level up, so if you miss this deadline, don't despair! Find your highlighted, penned, and dog-eared quotes and share away!

And feel free to tag @avantgame (Reality is Broken author Jane McGonigal) in what you share.

Happy reading, sharing, and winning!


  1. "FIX #3: Compared with games, reality is unproductive. Games gives us clearer missions and more satisfying, hands-on work."

    I love the way McGonigal chalenges us to rethink "productivity". I was a person who would plays hours of video games and feel like I maybe "wasted" the time in front of the TV, as much as I enjoyed it. Truth be told, I was very productive in the game, accomplishing missions, locating materials, defeating foes.

    I can see how setting clearer missions at work/school could help me to feel more productive and more satisfied with what I accomplish.

  2. Your right matthew i really agree on it realit is really unproductive.