Tuesday, October 2, 2012

And the S2: Task 1 Amazon Gift Card winner is...

We've got a stack of photos on our Level Up tumblr of new and returning members to the Level Up Book Club, but only one is walking away with a $15 Amazon.com gift card to use toward the next Level Up read or for some fancy socks, bulk erasers, or whatever it is you fancy to meet your online shopping needs.

And that winner is...

Becca Oxley! (@LibrariansFTW)


While the gift card may be claimed, it's not too late to post your picture to our Tumblr page. Feel free to post so we can all "see" who's reading with us.

Speaking of reading, we hope you're really enjoying Kapp's The Gamification of Learning and Instruction. Post those quotes for some quick +1 levels. You may just take the top leader board position!


  1. Congratulations Becca! (Talk about an awesome Twitter handle...)

  2. With the help of a group of tap-dancing old ladies, a sensual tango teacher, and a lot of luck, buy amazon review