Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Edublog Awards!


Wait a second... did you do this?

Guild, this is AWESOME! Thank you so much for helping the Level Up Book Club get recognized for not one but three Edublog Awards! Level Up is nominated in the categories Best Group Blog, Best New Blog, and Best Edu Social Network.

And ya know what? We totally deserve it!

This book club is super fun because of the gamers, educators, and innovators that you are! We quest together. We explore together. We achieve together. What's not to love?!

Now it's time to see if the Level Up Book Club can bring home the bacon.

Voting for the Edublog Awards is open until 11:59pm EST on Sunday, December 9th. You can vote daily and from multiple devices. And, most importunely, each vote counts.

Go to the Edublog Awards voting page and let your voice be heard. Tweet the link. Promote Level Up. Coerce your colleagues to vote for us. You could even make a game out of it!

We're gonna wear these badges loud and proud!

Thanks for being part of this truly epic win!

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