Sunday, December 2, 2012


A note from the desk of the 
FAUXasis Gaming Board

To all this may concern:

On behalf of the FAUXasis Gaming Board, I, Matthew Winner, FAUXasis lead designer and programmer, would like to congratulate user LIBRARYFANATIC as the winner of the Level Up Book Club Season 2 Side Quest. Despite competition from thousands of challengers globally, LIBRARYFANATIC has demonstrated the commitment, capacity, and merit to earn the coveted FAUXasis PRIZE. Said PRIZE will be sent via post to the undisclosed home of LIBRARYFANATIC where it will no doubt garner the attention and wordwide acclaim deserved of the competitor him- or herself.

The Board would also like to recognize those players who have endured the 10 FAUXasis modules over the recents weeks. You have each exhibited excellent sportsmanship and endurance through mental and physical challenges. 

The Board hopes you have enjoyed reading Ernest Cline's READY PLAYER ONE as well as your time spent in the company of the Level Up Book Club. All FAUXasis accounts will be terminated shortly and the modules permanently dismantled, but records of all accounts can still be accessed through the Level Up Book Club server.

Thank you again for playing. We hope you have enjoyed the experience.


Matthew C. Winner
FAUXasis Lead Designer and Programmer

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