Thursday, September 6, 2012

Task 11: Lights! Camera! Action!

During tonight's Twitter chat, we're going to do something a little different.  Instead of spending the hour chatting about our AWESOME August read, we're going to make movies. Yes, you heard me right!  Get ready, #levelupbc, this is gonna be EPIC.

Everything that happens in Darren Steele and Christine Chung's novella I'll Eat This Cricket for a Cricket Badge leads up to one crucial and potentially life altering event for Lara (our heroine):  a once in a life time, prove your worth meeting with "the brotherhood" - the really scary, all powerful, malevolent dictators of her company - where she must PROVE that gamification is research-based, that it motivates people AND that it can help save her company from disaster!

We all know what happens in the book, but what would happen if YOU had to deliver the same kind of knock 'em dead presentation to YOUR "brotherhood"?  Well, tonight, you get to find out!  

That's right, #levelupbc, tonight during our twitter chat, you've got ONE HOUR to create an online video that reenacts this epic scene from I'll Eat This Cricket for a Cricket Badge if it were to take place in YOUR school - where YOU are Lara and ________ (your principal, teacher leaders, parents, etc) are "the brotherhood."

Here are the rules:

1.  You can use the web2.0 tool of your choice, but here are some options:
2.  Use the Twitter Chat to talk trash, support one another, ask for help or share ideas, but just remember...

3.  A link to your video must be submitted to our tumblr or #LevelUpBC Twitter feedby 8:59pm EST in order to move forward in the competition.  (Yes, there WILL be a part TWO to this challenge!)  

4.  Be creative AND convincing!!  Remember, your educational life is on the line! How are you going to convince your own personal "brotherhood" that gamification is legitimate pedagogy, that is WORKS and that it can help you impact student learning???

So... what are you waiting for??  Time is running out!  Action!  

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