Friday, September 7, 2012

Task 12: You Like Me. You REALLY Like ME!

Holy super cinematic masterpieces, Batman!  If you missed last night's #levelupbc twitter chat, YOU MISSED OUT!  Instead of discussing our latest read in the traditional way, we spent the hour creating online movies in which we faced our own personal "brotherhood."

Yeah.  It was epic.

But that was only the beginning.

This week, as you get your hands on our next read, we're asking that you take a minute to watch what your colleagues created and cast your ballot for best picture.

It's simple.  Pop some popcorn, grab the beverage of your choice and then head over to our tumblr. OR you can view all of the videos below by scrolling past the survey. Once you've done your best impression of Roger Ebert, just cast your ballot in the form below.

But wait!  There's more!

The winner of this week's challenge - the director of the film that gets the most votes - gets....... THIS!


Someone is going home with a 53" inflatable Oscar y'all!

So... grab a copy of  Karl Kapp's book and settle in for the best independent film making this side of Sundance.   Voting ends Friday at 11:59pm EST.  We'll announce the winner on Saturday.

Good luck!


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  1. Top 10 list of what I learned from #levelupbc video challenge:

    10) It is hard for me to make a video in under an hour
    9) I need to be more organized with my tech tools
    8) I really need to memorize/locate passwords more easily rather than counting on resetting them every time I need them.
    7) 5 minutes of planning is worth 5 hours of work
    6) Changing horses in the middle of the stream cuts into production time. (I'll bet Clint Eastwood knows this)
    5) If your going for symbolism rather than literal be sure you have time to fine tune your message. Otherwise, you may send a completely different message.
    4) Challenges are addicting (I now want to spend three hours I don't have to further edit and clarify my message. Really I am not that into cute animals (Ok a bit obsessed with my dog)
    3) I always need two devices when I'm working. One to read from (twitter feed) and one to work on. (Seriously, I knew this already but sat down to twitter chat with only one--Silly me)
    2) Animoto has an ipad App! And I like it better than online version. Learn something new everyday:-) How did I miss this?
    1) If you post something on the web, it is out there! Can't really take it back. (OK! I knew this one already too. Just a reminder to myself)

    1. Charity, what an awesome reflection on what I hope was a really enjoyable challenge! Maybe we'll do another video challenge and give members a little more warning. Still, I think the excitement of having to think of your toes (just like in I'll Eat This Cricket...) was just what the doctor ordered.

    2. It was awesome! However, my toes are morning people. Next challenge 6:00AM on a Saturday. Just kidding.