Sunday, September 16, 2012

And The Oscar Goes To...

Last week we challenged you to watch the videos created during the first ever #levelupbc Twitter Chat Film Festival!  The film maker whose on the fly production received the most votes was promised a most epic prize:  a 53' Inflatable Oscar!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Obviously, the competition was fierce, but the votes have been tallied and the Oscar goes to...

I demand a recount! :)

What can I say?  Thanks to everyone who voted for my video!  It was fun to make and I hope everyone enjoyed having the opportunity to think about how they would convince their "brotherhood" that game based learning equals effective pedagogy!

So... what happens next?  Stay tuned!  The next step in the Level Up Book Club journey is going to be AMAZING!  So grab your books and get ready to take your teaching to the next level! 

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