Thursday, November 1, 2012

FAUXasis mod 5 (S2: Side Quest)

Directions: Within the following riddle are clues that will help you answer the question below. Using whatever means necessary, decode the clues and provide your answer to the question. If your name does not appear on the Leader Board within 12 hours time, you have answered incorrectly.


You enter an old arcade. The air is clouded with the smell of pizza and unbathed teens. You approach a favorite cabinet, copyright TobiKomi Co. 1982. You feel through the contents of your pocket, a stick of gum, a Scrabble tile, a ball of lint, until your fingers close around a quarter. Time to set a new high score.

DIRECTIONS: Post a screenshot of your in game high score to our Tumblr to prove your worthiness. Include your FAUXasis account name in the text box.

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