Sunday, November 4, 2012

FAUXasis mod A (S2: Side Quest)

Directions: Within the following riddle are clues that will help you answer the question below. Using whatever means necessary, decode the clues and provide your answer to the question. If your name does not appear on the Leader Board within 12 hours time, you have answered incorrectly.


There's an alt-FAUXasis where others play,
Where daring librarians live steam-punked days.
A top hat awaits you with little strife,
But to get there you'll need a second life.


ABILITY: unknown


(1) Property SLURL:
(2) Images of Property:
Zoom 1
Zoom 2
Zoom 3
DIRECTIONS: You may need to create an account for this one. 

A secret word is located within this property. The first to respond with said word will be awarded 15,000 points and will win a virtual tour of SL care of The Daring LibrarianPost a screenshot to Tumblr of your avatar wearing the artifact and earn an additional 50,000 points.

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