Tuesday, November 13, 2012

FAUXasis mod 8 (S2: Side Quest)

Directions: Within the following riddle are clues that will help you answer the question below. Using whatever means necessary, decode the clues and provide your answer to the question. If your name does not appear on the Leader Board within 12 hours time, you have answered incorrectly.


That time you first hear an album and you know that it's going to change your life. 
That song you carry with you no matter where you go. 

Identify the album. Visit the location.
Return with photo evidence. 

1. The FAUXasis only supports travel via Google Earth.
2. A screenshot matching the photo below (sans text) must be provided as proof.
3. All images must be submitted via Level Up Book Club Tumblr. Provide FAUXasis name on submission for credit.
4. Points will be awarded as follows: 
1st to Submit Photo = 50,000 pts
2nd to Submit Photo = 25,000 pts
3rd to Submit Photo = 10,000 pts
4th to Submit Photo = 5,000 pts
5th to Submit Photo = 2,500 pts
6th and following = 50 pts

Image 5 of 5.
Image 4 of 5.
Image 3 of 5.
Image 2 of 5.
Image 1 of 5.

 New photos will be added periodically, thereby providing new opportunities to earn points. FAUXasis users will be alerted to photo updates via Twitter using #FAUXasis.

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